Beautiful Woman of the Month

Beautiful Woman of the Month

This is our premiere edition of our Beautiful Women Blog. Each month I will be featuring a woman who is extraordinary and beautiful in more ways than one! Our first edition features beautiful Dorothea Rae wearing the Christine Paradise Robe which can be purchased on our website

Stay tuned next month for our next “Beautiful Woman”!

Dorothea Rae

From West to East to West….my dear friend Dorothea Rae is a beautiful woman. She has forged an impressionable path across the continents touching many lives.

When Dorothea left Vancouver to work in China, little did she know how her life would impact so many people in her business associations as well as her personal ones. She spent her career teaching, mentoring and supporting broken and hurting women all over the world. Together with her sister Gwen McVicker they have traveled from east to west and home again giving women love and courage to move beyond their circumstances.

Several years ago with their families they developed Linwood House Ministries offering women in various parts of the world, and more specifically the Downtown Eastside in Vancouver respite and renewal.

Recently Dorothea developed a rare health condition called scleroderma, a chronic connective tissue disease and immune dysfunction that affects multiple organ systems resulting in hardening of the skin and internal organs. Although it limits her mobility and causes her great pain, it does not steal her Joy. I visit with her when I can, washing and massaging her feet which she can no longer reach. However in her pain and chronic condition she continues to inspire with her words and encourages me with my business. She is so full of joy!

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