Blue Lingerie | New Silk Robes And Pajamas.

We are pleased to introduce our blue lingerie collection composed of two silk robes and a silk cami and tap set. The new silk capsule is called, ‘Adrift’ due to its refreshing summer-vacation feel. Composed of watercolor florals, the short and long robe pair perfectly with our Candy cami and tap set in water blue, because the Adrift florals are blue too!

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The Adrift collection is made of the finest, light silk, perfect for enjoying the summer breeze in the morning, or while getting ready for nighttime festivities. The long and short silk robe both include pockets, ideal for your reading glasses or hotel key, for example. 🙂

Speaking of hotel keys, when it comes to packing for vacation, it is always a plus to include items that are multi-functional. For example, the silk cami from our Candy set can be perfectly paired with shorts for a cute and chic day or night look making the set a fabulous travel essential! And speaking of double-purpose pieces, you can also wear your adrift robe over your bathing suit for the perfect coverup. 

The trio of blue lingerie pieces from our new Adrift collection are ideal for anyone looking to add a cooler palette to their boudoir wardrobe. At Christine Lingerie, we believe in the influence of color and beautiful prints, so we have designed the Adrift Collection to have a refreshing and uplifting effect on its wearer. Which brings us to a very fun fact that you might not know… Incase you needed more reasons to incorporate blue lingerie into your boudoir wardrobe, according to, the color blue can have quiet the positive effect on you! It is said that blue is a calming color that can improve mental clarity. Blue can even boost one’s confidence and inspire creativity. So what better way to start your day than in a blue robe?!

Nothing can compare to the feeling of getting back to your hotel room and slipping into something silk after a long day of travel adventures. Or waking up in the comfort of your home to enjoy a peaceful morning on your porch while wrapped in a silk robe with a good cup of coffee. In the evening, you can induce an instant feeling of glamour by wearing an ethereal, luxurious silk robe while doing your hair and makeup. According to Cora Harrington of The Lingerie Addict, “Lingerie is a part of life.” And specifically, “A robe is the sort of thing that every woman needs… Be it to lounge around the house, carry on vacation, or run to the mailbox for the paper. A good robe is soft, simple, and makes you feel wonderful.” Find out more on why we love The Lingerie Addict by clicking here.

What we love most about designing silk robes is that while everyone’s taste in lingerie is different, one can always feel cute, sexy, comfy, calm, beautiful or all of the above when wrapped in silk. Our designer in chief even recently chose silk robes as one of her top five essentials for our feature, “Silk Loungewear: Christine’s Top Five.”

A beautiful silk robe is a tiny luxury worth the splurge to make your morning routine a bit more pleasant. And a pop of blue might be just the thing for you… 


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