Christine Lingerie – The Birth of a Silk Brand

In the 1985 November publication of City & Country Home, Christine declared that: “The look of romance from long ago is my inspiration. Ultimately, I want my designs to be what a woman reaches for when she wants to feel beautiful”. This still stands true today! As Christine Lingerie celebrates 45 years of business, we wanted to take this opportunity to thank our loyal clients for being with us since the beginning. 

It has been a great joy to create garments that you have taken pleasure in wearing and that have been a part of your beautiful and most fond memories. As we celebrate this milestone, we hope to see you at our showroom where we can say “thank you” to each and every one of our clients, as we toast this amazing occasion.

What started as a dream for Christine became reality when she designed her first creations in her basement for what was the inaugural Circle Craft in 1973. Christine Morton would like to say,

“To My Loyal Clients

Thank you for being my constant support these past 45 years. Without you, there would be no designs or the brand Christine Lingerie. You have been the reason why I continue to create luxurious and unique pieces. It is because of you that I have had 45 years of an amazing silk lingerie business being able to design something I love!

I thank you for your love and support. It has been a wonderful journey, working with talented creative people, and it is not over yet!

May we continue to grow this beautiful relationship as we move forward.



Images: From a catalogue published in 1981

Photography: Howard Fry

Make-up: Yvon Bourgeois

Hair: Tracey Pincott


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