“Dear Winter, let’s break up”

Enough is enough. We’ve been patient, remained inside with little complaining, fought (for salt), and saw our fair-share of sNOw men. We braced the cold, shoveled fiercely, and drove at our own risk. We succumbed to the fact that our clothes would be static-filled and our brain would be frozen. We woke up, day after day, waiting for the explosion of cherry blossoms. The vibrant green grass. The ability to sit in front of our fireplace because we wanted to, not because we had to de-thaw. We survived winter with a special thanks to a glass of wine and the foreseeable future…a future with Christine’s Spring 2017 “Wonderland” collection being something to look forward to. Whimsical prints coupled with exclusive silk fabric makes for a luxurious look and a comfortable feel. Enter a land of wonder, a land of possibility, and a land of timeless beauty. Shed some layers and remind yourself of what it’s like to feel special again. The “Wonderland” collection encourages embracing femininity with a refreshing twist and zest for life. Leave Winter in the past and move forward into a bright, chic, and flirty Spring. The “Wonderland” collection is calling your name – and it’s time to get exclusive.


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Pagoda Collection Passion purple meets a powdery lime green to create a unique palette for this exclusive floral print, giving it a particularly regal feel.


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In celebration of her birthday, our founder and creator, the Christine behind Christine, shares the joyful tale of her very own tree of life, The