Merry Everything, Happy New Year.

The Christine Lingerie team would like to take this opportunity to reflect on 2018 with gratitude and look forward to a bright new year ahead. This year was monumental for Christine Lingerie. We celebrated our 45th Anniversary, gave our showroom a beautiful makeover and continued to expand our lingerie and loungewear design-horizons, reaching new women everywhere. As a result, we are feeling filled with the spirit of Christmas. Therefore, we would like to take the opportunity to acknowledge the little gems within this yearly milestone and thank all of the people who make Christine Lingerie the brand we are today.

christine morton, christine lingerie, lingerie designer, made in canada, made in vancouverFirst and foremost, we want to honor our founder and designer in chief, Christine Morton, who has forged the way with silk, designing from the heart for the past 45 YEARS! Christine’s mission has always been to make women feel beautiful, inside and out. Her designs are derived from a sense of whimsy and romance, celebrating femininity and timeless beauty. It is no coincidence that her career began in bridal, because love itself has always been what Christine’s creations revolve around. You can read more about Christine and our story by clicking here. 

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We would secondly like to acknowledge our incredible team, some of whom have been with us since 1983! Christine Lingerie put the spotlight on our talented seamstress, Alina Chang, as 2018 marks her 35th year working with us. Click here to read more about the special story behind Alina and Christine meeting and her journey with the brand. From design, to production, to sales, what our team has in common is a love for the brand, which is what truly separates us from other silk designers and makes our collections shine.

Our showroom makeover: Christine Lingerie is very proud of our Canadian roots so we were delighted to renovate and reinvent our flagship store in Vancouver, which is also our headquarters where all of the magic happens! We redesigned the interior, making the space more modern, chic and luxurious. If you are local, we invite you to come explore our silks first hand in the newly imagined space, where you will also have the opportunity to meet our team of incredible individuals who look forward to sharing the collection with you.


christine lingerie, made in canada, silk lingerie, made in vancouver, lingerie, silk chemise, silk robe

Gratitude for forty five years of support: As we mentioned, Christine Lingerie celebrated its 45th anniversary in November. You can read more about the history of our brand by clicking here, but we would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge all of the incredible women who wear Christine’s silks, chiffons, velvets and more, season after season. It has been the greatest gift to see our pieces reach new women every year. We are always delighted to receive feedback, or see women posting photographs in Christine Lingerie on social media. So thank you, to everyone involved with our brand for your support, kindness and love over the past forty five years. Although the holidays are often filled with bustle, we are reminded that the heart of this season is really meant to give us pause. As we sit in our silk gowns, pajamas, and robes during the final days of this year, we look forward to a quiet moment to reflect and count our blessings. Wishing everyone a warm and beautiful holiday season and a most happy and bright new year. Thank you for being a part of our mission of beauty, femininity, romance and light.

-Christine Lingerie

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