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A silk blue chemise with blue lace is worn by a women sitting on a chair.
A silk pajama set with our Christine Lingerie Floral Botanica print is worn by a women sitting on a white bench

From the understated glamour of Grace and Frankie to the dramatic styling in American Horror Story, Christine lingerie is a staple in the world of film styling.

Will & Grace

November 2019 Actress, Debra Messing, who plays Grace Adler in Will & Grace is wearing the Limelight Long Robe.


October 2018 The Nightingale Long Robe made an appearance Dynasty.

Chrissy Teigen

September 2018 Chrissy Teigen wearing the Boudoir Long Robe.


April 2018 The Boudoir Short Robe made an appearance on Dynasty.


March 2018 The Antique Silver Glamour Gown made an appearance on Dynasty


January 2018 The Boudoir Long Robe made an appearance on Dynasty.

Criminal Minds

October 2017 The Lagoon kimono made an appearance on the crime drama Criminal Minds.

American Housewife

October 2017 The classic Boudoir Robe in Rose Quartz is featured on the Halloween episode of “American Housewife”.

Gerald’s Game

September 2017 Carla Gugino stars in an arresting psychological thriller based on Stephen King’s novel, Gerald’s Game…and she wears the silk Something Blue gown for

Jenny Rieu

September 2017 A native from Paris, France Jenny Rieu is a Curve Model, Fashion Columnist and PR. She is modeling the classic Boudoir Short Robe.

Diane Kruger

August 2017 Diane Kruger is lounging on set of her film JT LeRoy wearing the Coco PJ.

For Him Magazine

July 2017 Chinese celebrities Liu Yan and Zhang Xiaofei are wearing pieces from Christine’s bridal collections “Something Blue” and “Midsummer Night’s Dream”.

Joanna Vargas on Extra TV

July 2017 Joanna Vargas, skincare expert to the stars and founder of NY’s premier spa sanctuary, is donned in the Wonderland Kimono for her feature


May 2017 Our Coco PJ is luxuriously paired with the Faberge devore velvet robe (above), while our best selling Glamour Gown looks firey hot underneath

Lingerie Stories

April 2017 Deedee Crosland of The Lingerie Stories, interviewed her long-time friend and mentor Christine Morton. Christine talks about her inspiration, trends she loves, and

Holly Harlott

April 2017 The lovely pin-up starlet Holly Harlott in our Smoky Rose Short robe! We love the femme fatale feeling she gives it.

Grace & Frankie

March 2017 Lindsey Kraft is hilarious in her portrayal of Allison, wearing the Magnolia Kimono.

Big Little Lies

February 2017 Emmy winning actress, Laura Dern, portrayed the formidable Renata Klein in the HBO miniseries Big Little Lies. In the season finale, Laura’s character


November 2016 Sugar camisole.

Modern Family

October 2016 Sofia Vergara wears the ever-so-popular Cameron kimono.