In an interview for Junnktank Webzine, one of our beloved Muses and the writer of the POWER OF LACE, KATRINA EUGENIA, speaks out about her life as a writer, film-maker and photographer and how those different “hats” help her express herself and inspire others.  She understands how complex the modern world is and offers words of wisdom to women who struggle with body image; she argues that a positive body image is more about “state of mind rather than physique”.


Katrina also suggests that what you wear can affect how you feel.   “Christine Lingerie is my favorite designer of lace and silk evening gowns, play-suits, and silky pajamas.  Their designs are so exquisite and elegant.   They’ve got the whole sexy-goddess thing going on.   I feel like a goddess-pin-up girl when I wear their stuff.” – Katrina Eugenia


The power of silk and lace is something that we’ve always understood and the Christine Collection is not just about making women look beautiful but it is about making them FEEL BEAUTIFUL.  – Thank you Katrina!


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